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(Ad) Red Cherry Lashes – Honest Review!

Hi guys!

How are you all doing? Hope you’re having a fab day! Recently, I was contacted by and asked if I would be interested in being sent some false eyelashes from Red Cherry Lashes. They said they would send them to me for free so that I could do a review video. So naturally I got extremely excited and said YES..! Before confirming I decided to check out the brand and had a quick snoop at some of their lash styles. I first of all noticed the prices were very low, so wondered what the quality would be like. Keep reading to find out…

My Initial Thoughts…

After confirming I would love to receive the lashes, I was sent the package the next day. How amazing is that! On they actually say they do free 1st class delivery on every order which is so unusual (in a good way!). That was a good start!

They were also very kind and sent me some black lash adhesive (which is another story..) and some lash applicators, I was so grateful! With regards to the lashes, they sent me 5 different styles. This included; Stevi, Coco, Hudson, Sage and Wispy. The ones in bold are three of their bestsellers.

What is the Verdict?

I’ve actually filmed a whole video on YouTube if you want to watch:

If you prefer reading, then I’ll carry on!

Basically, I was very impressed with how lightweight they feel. They mention in their selling points that they feel comfortable, flexible and are easy to apply. This is sooooo true. Sometimes lashes can feel quite spiky (which is the only way I can think to describe it!) but these definitely do not. The other lash brand I use quite often is Girls with Attitude lashes which I really like, but I think these ones win on comfort actually!

I was surprised with which of the lash styles I liked best. I thought that the bestsellers would probably be my favourites, but I was very pleased with the Coco, Stevi and Hudson ones. If you watch my video you can see how they all look on. I wasn’t so keen on the Wispy ones, but I think that is because I prefer a more dramatic style of lash for when I do my Instagram looks. I guess for people that wear lashes as part of their everyday makeup, they would prefer the more natural ones.

Crazily, I wanted to find some things that I didn’t like with the lashes… I didn’t want you to all think I was just saying it because I was given them for free! However, I don’t actually have anything negative really to say so I am really struggling. If I had to pick out one thing, I would say they don’t come with glue – so If they’re your first venture into false lashes, then this might be annoying. It’s actually not a problem for me though because I have TOO MUCH glue!

The end…

So that’s all really! I am so pleased with these lashes and glad that I can incorporate them into my makeup looks for Instagram. I can’t wait to start using them soon!!

Have you tried or heard of Red Cherry Lashes? I hadn’t actually heard of them before I was contacted, so I was really pleased to be able to try them out!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Jessica x


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