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First Outfit of the Day Post!

Hello! ????????

How are you doing today? I’d like to know how your week has been and 1 highlight from it!

Today’s post…

I’m doing a slightly different post from normal (well for me anyway). I’ve never been that good at doing outfit shots. Partly because I am lacking a photo wiz partner to take some nice photos for me (that comes as part of the job description for guys now!), but also because I always feel so awkward doing them! I’m not really sure how you’re meant to pose, and all the fashion bloggers that do these photos look so much cooler than me!

Anyway, enough of that. Today I am putting all this aside and doing my first outfit post! Woo!!

I actually found a fairly private place to do these shots, outside my flat is this inspiring (not) brick wall. It’ll do for now! I set up my tripod with my camera and just took literally hundreds of photos…

What am I wearing?


Onto the main point of this post, what I’m wearing. The t-shirt is a new one (I’m actually wearing it again today!). It’s from H&M and I think it’s just so quirky without being too in-your-face. I normally go for plain tops, or fairly minimal patterns, so this is actually stepping out for me! I know, I need to be more daring sometimes!

I love bees as well, so I was so happy to find this. I had a little look online and although I only recently got this, I can’t seem to get a link online for you ☹️. Instead, I’ve found another top which may bee ???? (too much?) of interest.

Bonmarché Bee T-Shirt

H&M Sweet Like Honey T-Shirt


My jacket is from Primark and I haven’t actually even looked for this online because I got it about 2 years ago! I’ve managed to find one very similar if you’re interested (but it’s a fair bit more than I paid!)

Topshop Biker Jacket

What I like in particular about the style of this jacket, is the faux fur lining. I think it gives it a nice plush look – Even though my jacket was very inexpensive, I think it doesn’t come across this way (At least I hope!). I love the colour too, I think it’s just a really nice casual item that goes with basically ANYTHING. It helps to make basic outfits come to life and look more stylish instantly. I’ve been so happy with it! Plus it’s warm which is always a bonus…


Lastly, I thought I’d say a bit about my jeans. They’re from a brand called Pimke (which I hadn’t actually heard of for a while). I got them via ASOS, and they were incredibly priced at £16.99! I think you always need a good pair of skinny black jeans. I wasn’t sure at first about these, as they’re high waisted, but I’ve grown to really like them. It actually feels more comfortable having high waisted I’ve come to realise! I’ve also got the link to the exact pair that I’m wearing (yay) so here it is:

Pimke Black Jeans

Jessica Cantell Wearing Primark Jacket

So that’s all for today! What did you think of my first outfit post? Shall I do some more!? (Please be honest but not too honest ????). Thank you so much for reading! Share your blog links below lovely people.

Jessica xx

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