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Self-Help Tips for Feeling Down

Hey everyone

Hope you’re doing okay, well if you’re not then that’s what this post is about really. Often we all know too well that we make out we are okay when really that is so far from the truth. We think we need to put on a front to the public, either at work, in our friendship groups or even on social media. But that’s not always constructive. Isn’t that just what everyone does when they’re feeling sad?

Very true, yes. But it’s something we need to think about and really deal with in our social situations. I thought I’d put together a few tips for what you can do when you’re not really feeling all that fabulous. Obviously I would like to point out before I begin that I am not trained in any of this stuff! I am just speaking from personal experience and realise that everyone has different coping methods!

Spend some time alone

Okay, so my idea of a perfect evening is getting home from work and literally having nothing planned. I realise you may be reading this thinking, oh dear, poor girl..! But don’t worry! I get that not all enjoy this and you may be an extrovert who thrives off of spending time with others. But I think it’s important to spend some valuable time without people around to really understand why you might be feeling down. Sometimes if we are constantly spending time with people it can be easy to brush aside the way we are feeling and keep it to ourselves. Either way, it’s important to reflect sometimes.

Spend some time with friends

Now, contrary to my last point (I like being tricky!), it is also equally important to meet with some close friends. Too much time alone is unhealthy and our minds can stray to quite gloomy places to say the least. Good friends want to make sure you are okay and that’s what is so lovely about friendship – you can both look out for one another. If you share what’s troubling you with your pal, then the chances are that they’ll feel more able to share too when they’re upset. When we make out we are always okay, we make others feel isolated when they’re going through troubles.

Take care

I don’t want to make out that I’m an expert in all of this, because that is FAR FAR AWAY from the truth. Sometimes I find it hard to listen to my own advice when I’m feeling sad! It’s important though to try and to take these steps. The last thing I often feel like doing is something sensible like cleaning up, or going to bed early (even on the best of days!). But if I fail to keep up with daily tasks of self care, then I end up feeling worse. Even just taking small steps such as tidying one room if that’s all you can manage, then great! Well done you! It really does help to clear my mind and might do with you too.

I mentioned briefly about going to bed early, it can be easy to sit up half the night thinking over things and not switching off. I often find it hard to motivate myself to get ready for bed as it’s just like a cycle and you have to be ready for the world again in the morning. But it’s not the answer to avoid sleep. Sleep is so good for you in so many aspects. Lack of sleep is very bad…

Do something energetic

I don’t really know why I’m writing about being energetic, as I feel slightly terrified about the prospect of this… As much as I might joke, exercise is positive. The NHS website actually says some self-help tips for a low mood and includes exercise there, so it can’t be all that bad! It’s not difficult to stay in a slump and almost a zone of sadness and I think exercise, whether it be a run, yoga or dance, can help to clear your mind. I find it takes my thoughts off of the present situation, to focusing on the energy required for the activity.

Speak to someone

If you’re finding your low mood is more than just feeling sad, don’t leave it there. I want to stress that more than anything. Feeling sad more often than not and failure to get any enjoyment out of life isn’t just something simple and easily sorted like what I’ve been suggesting. Although these are all helpful things, sometimes we need more help. I feel like I should point out that there are organisations such as the Samaritans who are always ready and waiting for a call. If you’ve not heard of them then check out their website:

You’re not wasting their time if you decide to call. Don’t put it off if you feel this is something you should do.


So I think I’m out of tips now. I’m not sure if that will have been helpful or not, but I just wanted to share some advice! Even if you just take one thing from this then it has been worth posting 🙂

We really need to make sure we are always looking out for one another and putting others above ourselves. If we all did this, what a wonderful and caring community we would have! Ask a friend what has been a struggle for them this week, and really listen to what they have to say. And remember to share your troubles too so you can be a support to each other.

I also wanted to say that if you don’t feel like you have someone you can talk to about how you’re feeling, then please feel like you can approach me. I would love to think you were comfortable in coming to me if you need a friend when you’re feeling sad or upset. My contact page has all my social media links etc. If you want to chat x

Thank you for coming along. Until next time,

Jessica x

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