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(Ad) Doesn’t Everyone Love Candles?

Hi All,

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to my blog! It’s so nice to know that people are reading my ramblings… (I literally could just be saying this to myself).

Anyway, to the point – I wanted to share with you a product I was sent for free by Moonlight Candles. As usual, I hope you are all very much aware that all of my comments on this are completely honest whether I bought the product or was gifted it! Just wanted to get that out there! In actual fact, I think I was the one who first contacted the brand asking if they wanted to collaborate and I was very VERY excited when they said yes!!

Soy Wax

So I did a bit of research on the brand and was very impressed with what I saw. For all you vegans out there, their candles are vegan soy wax. How amazing! I will do a more detailed post about this at some point, but I am very interested in switching regular products for vegan products where I can. So was really pleased about this. No animals were harmed in the making…! Also the soy wax is biodegradable so that’s just extra brownie points.

My thoughts…

The style that they sent me was the ‘Fresh Linen’ fragrance. I usually go for the creamy/vanilla scents so this was good to try out. It literally made my whole flat smell amazing! As you would expect by the name, it was a nice fresh fragrance which was really lovely. They also do ones like ‘Mint Chocolate Chip’ and ‘Daisy’ which I think would be really nice to try out.

The first night I got this, I lit it (yes I’m that impatient), and had it on all evening. I loved it so much that for the next few evenings I did the same thing. I burnt it down to the end! It lasted much longer than I thought it would considering the size. That must have been about 15-20 hours or so? (Please correct me if I’m wrong!) that’s pretty good going! And of course, I had that lovely ‘Fresh Linen’ scent the whole way through… 🙂

I was a little surprised to find that Moonlight Candles don’t seem to have their own website – I would have expected them to, and I’m sure they would get an awful lot of business if they did! From what I can see, they sell mainly through a gift shop website. If you’re interested in seeing the range then here’s the link:

Broadleys – Moonlight Candles

I don’t have a lot else to say really, other than suggesting you have a look at some of their products to see if there is a fragrance you like the best 🙂 overall I was very happy with my candle and wish I had another one now! I think I would try the ‘Daisy’ scent next. What about you?

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed that.

Speak soon, Jessica x


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