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I’ve never felt cool enough for jumpsuits…

Hello lovely people!

What did you make of the sunshine over the Easter bank holiday weekend!? Completely unexpected, but I did enjoy it very much. I think I have a love/hate relationship with the summer, sometimes it just is that bit too hot, I know that’s an unpopular opinion, but how could I not complain about the weather – I am British…!

Anyway, the reason I’m talking about the sunshine, is because it led me to do another outfit of the day type post. Today I am wearing a jumpsuit, which is completely different and ‘out there’ for me! I’m not sure about you, but my go to outfit is a warm cosy jumper and some jeans. I’d actually really like to start to be more adventurous and not just pick my usual items out of the wardrobe. So I guess here’s to that!


I actually got this jumpsuit at the end of the summer last year and didn’t wear it that much because I wasn’t brave enough! Wasteful I know... I think when you’re in the shop trying on clothes, you have visions of being this super stylish new person and then that all goes out the window when it actually comes to wearing it! Well when I saw the forecast, this jumpsuit was the first thing I thought of. It’s actually ideal if you’re like me and just want a whole outfit sorted in one choice. You obviously don’t have to worry about sorting out the top/bottom part as it’s all in one! Genious. So really I’m not sure why I haven’t dived straight in with jumpsuits sooner. It also took me ages to wear culottes, and now I LOVE them.

Obviously I couldn’t find the same jumpsuit to give you the link, but I found a similar one currently available here:

Warehouse Culotte Jumpsuit

With the tie waist and short sleeves, I felt like this one was a good match. It’s not got the print that mine has, but it’s still a gorgeous navy blue colour and has the same stylish vibe to it.


Vera Pelle crossbody handbag Jessica cantell

The rest of my outfit is down to accessories, I’ll talk about the bag next. I actually got this one from my Mum. For some reason she decided she didn’t want it anymore so gave it to me! How nice of her! I felt like this was a good match for the jumpsuit due to the deep tan colour of the leather. Because the jumpsuit is a statement item, I feel like a bolder bag would detract from the overall look. This one gives a nice casual feel and complements the main outfit. It’s actually from Italy, if you’ve ever been, you’ll have seen the hundreds of these Vera Pelle bags they have in the shops there! They also sell them in various boutique stores in England, but they are a lot cheaper in Italy, so if you’re ever planning a visit, then I’d recommend getting one! If not, then here is one I found online that is the same as my bag:

Vera Pelle Crossbody Handbag

Other Accessories

Onto the last few touches, my shoes and sunglasses are both from Primark. The sandals are just really casual for this look. If you wanted to dress it up a bit then you could add a nice elegant heel etc. But I wanted to keep this comfy and simple!

I’ve just realised actually, the necklace I’m wearing (don’t know if you can see) is from when I went to Italy too! Maybe all this sun is influencing my look… I just went for a simple pearl style necklace. It’s nothing too fancy, just gives a bit more texture and dimension to the look.

I think that’s all really. I’m going to have to start thinking a lot more about my summer wardrobe if this weather keeps up! Although I did hear that it is going to get colder again soon… Either way, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared! I’ve had my summer clothes all packed away ready and waiting to be wanted again. Goodbye jumpers and hello jumpsuits!

Jessica x


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