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Why I’m so awkward at taking outfit shots

Hello, hello, hello!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve started doing a lot more fashion blogging. I’m actually really enjoying it! I never thought of myself as ever stepping into this niche, but I just thought to myself, why not? I think it is nice to be able to not categorise yourself, as such, but to be able to post what you want to. That’s what I enjoy most about blogging, is having this little space where I can just ramble about whatever! Sorry everyone…

Outfit shots…

What I wanted to talk about specifically today is the actual taking of outfit shots. This is the main reason why I never really got into it in the past. I am just SO awkward when it comes to anything along these lines… I also never knew how to take the photos by myself. I have all the technical gear, except for a very handy boyfriend to do my shots! Really, these were all just excuses, because it is possible to do it by yourself, as I have now discovered. I might do a more detailed post on how I actually take my outfit shots if you’d be interested? Let me know in the comments.

Anyway, back to the current blog post. I have a few extremely embarrassing moments already since doing fashion blogging. With these photoshoot above, I was constantly looking over my shoulder because there was always someone going past. I must have looked so suspicious! This was what happened when I was halfway through shooting and I saw someone coming…

The problems with outfit shots

Another time, I was kneeling down beside two cars to get a close up shot and a girl walked by while the camera was snapping and I literally was hiding in shame! I’m on the hunt for some more discreet locations where I live so that this doesn’t have to be a regular occurrence! Have any of you got any funny stories of fashion blogging or taking outfit shots?

Deciding what to wear

The other thing I have found since I’ve started doing more fashion blogging, is that I’m discovering more and more things in my wardrobe that actually work well together. My default is just jeans and a t-shirt or jumper, which is fine, but not really exciting. I’m learning to appreciate my other clothes a lot more, and trying to find more variety in what I put together. Something I don’t want to get too drawn into, is buying for the sake of it. I know that in the past with my makeup looks on Instagram, I was so tempted to just keep buying a new palette or highlight, just to have new things to play around with. But I just found I wasn’t saving as much as I should be, and I ended up with a tonne of makeup that is just sat there!

I have already had to stop myself from drifting over to the sales sites, or wandering into town on my lunchbreak to get a new things for my outfit shots. It does require a lot of self-control!

Details on my outfit

The outfit in the photos is something I put together last minute. I had a spare hour or so after work, so quickly had to think of something half decent to pass as ‘style’! If you’re interested in recreating this look, then I have the details below:

Heart Necklace – Fat Face

I couldn’t find the exact same necklace as mine from Fat Face, but this is one very similar that they currently have on their site. It’s one of my favourite necklaces, I literally wear it all the time!

Navy Culottes – ASOS

Now these ones again, are not the same as ones that I have. But they basically are! They’re only £25 from ASOS, and I would definitely recommend getting a pair. They are really adaptable between workwear and casual which is great. They’re also really comfortable…

White Turtle Neck Top – MissGuided

Obviously you can get a white turtleneck anywhere, but I thought I’d link you to one. This goes with everything. The one I’ve put in the link is actually not just a top, it’s a bodysuit. These aren’t for everyone, but at least everything stays tucked in!

Soft Grey Boots – Office

The boots I’m wearing are from Zara, (One of my favourite shops!). They’re not quite the same as the ones I’ve linked you from Office, but they would also go well with this look. I love the stylish look the pale grey colour gives. It’s making a subtle statement which is good if you’re a bit less confident (like me!).


So you are at the start of my fashion blogging journey! If you can call it that. It is awkward doing the shots at first, but then who wouldn’t be a bit shy! It’s putting yourself out there for all the world to see. So please don’t bite!! Haha, no honestly, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been so supportive so far. I’m discovering some really lovely people in this world of blogging.

Bye for now,

Jessica x


  • chloe

    I could not relate more to this post! I hear you girl! It is such a task to find locations, make sure the clothes look right and find someone who can take a decent picture or something to balance your camera on.

  • rasi gupta

    Haha- this does happen but honestly it gets better with time. I was a bad poser and took horrible photos till 2017-ish. Practically like 30 years of my life! But then I began freelance modeling and pushed myself to get clicked. Started with nature shoots etc. And now I can go full crazy in a crowded street anywhere Haha! So push yourself to pose more and more with people you like and you will be a pro in no time!????❤

  • Haley Bikorimana

    I relate to this post on so many levels. It is such an awkward process, thanks for sharing and making me feel like maybe I am not the only one who struggles with this. I would love to see another post about how you take them as well, that would be awesome.

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