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Interview with Hollie (Beautyandthebookshelves)

Hey guys!

I hope you’re well, how is your week going so far? We have had such lovely sunshine!

Today I wanted to do a slightly different post and help you get to know some of the people I have found in this lovely blogging circle! Over the next few weeks (or however long!) I will be interviewing various bloggers and sharing some things about them. The first person to be quizzed is the lovely Hollie from beautyandthebookshelves.com

I’ve only recently discovered her but I’m so glad I did, she’s lovely and so do check out her blog too. Hollie has also done a post in a similar style about me which is here if you’d like to take a look! https://beautyandthebookshelves.com/lifestyle/interview-with-a-blogger-jessica-cantell

But I know you’re itching to find out what the questions I gave her were, and more importantly, what her answers were! So here they are:

6 questions…

1. How would you describe your blog in 3 words?

Random, cheery and…pink? Haha.

2. How do you get inspired for blog posts?

Reading other bloggers posts definitely helps to inspire me, especially when the ideas fountain is dried up. Pinterest is also really useful for blog post ideas, as well as makeup inspiration.

3. How long have you been blogging for?

Next month I would’ve been blogging consistently on Beauty and the Bookshelves for two years!

4. What made you get into blogging?

I first got into blogging as a teenager and needed a place to vent. I used my blog back then as a diary get all of my thoughts and feelings out, then I decided I didn’t want to post all of my personal problems on the internet so deletedthat first blog haha.

I started my current blog when I had left uni, was working in retail and knew no one who shared my love of makeup. I wanted to meet like minded people and initially wanted to share my thoughts on products, post makeup tutorials and review books too. My blog has since turned into a mix of anything and everything that makes me happy.

5. What do you most look forward to in a typical week or day?

Is it bad if I say bedtime? My days lately have been pretty packed with blogging, writing, streaming, planning a wedding, preparing to move to London and spending time with family/friends that I’m always excited to just get into bed at the end of the day and relax. I’ll normally watch some YouTube, read a little, catch up on social media and plan what I’m going to do the next day.

6. What is your happiest memory in your life so far?

I have so many happy memories! The biggest one that springs to mind though is getting engaged. My fiancé proposed in Disneyland Paris last year during the Illuminations firework show and it was the most magical thing. It was always my dream to be proposed to in Disneyland, in front of the castle, which clearly he knew!

End of questions!

That was so lovely to read through Hollie’s answers when typing up this blog post. I think it’s a really nice way to get to know someone better. I didn’t know until this actually that you are engaged, so Hollie – CONGRATULATIONS! That’s super exciting!

ps. I think bedtime is my favourite time of the day too…

Thank you to Hollie for agreeing to do this collaboration blog post with me. I haven’t really done any on my blog yet so it’s great to do my first with you!

Do go and check out Hollie’s blog over at beautyandthebookshelves.com

As I mentioned previously, she has also given me 6 questions to answer over in her post!

I’m going to head off to bed now… it is actually 12am while I’m writing this, so need to catch some shut eye! Bye for now, Jessica x

P.s. If you like questions and answers style posts, why not have a look at my Sunshine Blogger Award post?

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