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Interview with Shannen Claire

Hello people!

Today I come to you with another treat – An interview with Shannen from! I’m really loving doing these interviews so far, and I was so pleased when Shannen said she would like to work together on one too! She really is one of the nicest bloggers I have come across, and I’m so glad to have found her 🙂 Do head on over to her blog after this. She has actually posted her interview with me on there if you’d like a read.

So the format is that we have asked each other 6 questions. They are completely blogging related! Here are the questions I put to Shannen and her answers too:

1. When do you normally write your blog posts?

I normally type up my blog posts when I’m feeling inspired, or I’ll set some time aside in the morning or afternoon to work on blog content. This usually happens on Monday or Tuesday, so that I can schedule the post on Wednesday morning.

2. How are you inspired to write blog posts?

Writing blog posts is a fantastic outlet; my blog has helped my mental health and has also offered a way for me to keep writing and creating without having to sit down and write stories. I love story writing but don’t have time at the moment because of work and university. It’s my love of writing, the supportive community, and my family and friends’ interest in my blog that keeps me inspired to write posts.

3. What is your favourite social media platform and why?

My favourite social media platform is Instagram, because I really enjoy interacting with the blogging community through the app and love scrolling through all the pictures and discovering colourful feeds. I love being creative with my own Instagram feed and creating content. I also think that it’s a great platform for working with brands and getting blog content out there.

4. Are you an organised blogger, or do you just post when you want to?

If I’m not organised then I struggle to function without stressing, so I keep my blogging schedule organised week-to-week. However, from when I started blogging until about two months ago, I wrote posts whenever I felt like it and tried to post three times a week. While I’m busy trying to balance work and university, posting three times a week just isn’t possible. I find that keeping myself organised and having a blog post scheduled for each Wednesday evening has helped me to keep on top of my blog and has kept me motivated.

5. What topic do you like writing about most?

My favourite topic to write about is travel, although I love chatting about writing as well and inspiring others to write stories. I love writing travel posts because it’s a way of documenting my travels and photographs of the places I’ve been to. Also, I love reading other people’s travel posts and find them really inspiring.

6. How has your blogging style developed over the time you’ve been doing it?

My blogging style has developed and changed so much since I first started my blog last November. Changing up my blog and domain name was the biggest change. I made this decision because I’d intended on my old blog focusing on writing and books mainly, however it developed into a lifestyle blog and I wanted to present it as one. I’m hoping to create more travel content, as I’ve got a few upcoming holidays which I’m so excited about and want to share. I’m really happy with my blog after making those changes, and feel like it’s everything I wanted it to be!

That’s so great to hear Shannen’s answers… I find it really helpful listening to how other bloggers organise their schedule and plan posts. Shannen, I hope you have a super lovely time on your trips coming up, can’t wait to read your posts that follow!

I’ve really enjoyed doing this interview. As I said before, it’s just a really lovely way to find out more about people and why they do what they do. I hope you’ve also liked reading through this, what have you learnt? If you’re interested in collaborating in some way, then do drop me a line. I would really love to hear from you!

Please do go and check out Shannen’s blog too! That’s

Bye for now lovelies!

Jessica x

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  • Chloe Osborn

    I’ve said this on Shannen’s post but I’ll say it again, I think these interviews were a really great way for you to get to know each other as well as your followings to find someone new and learn about blogging. I’ve now discovered your blog after reading Shannen’s post and I look forward to reading more of yours!x

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