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Making the most of where you live

Hey there,

How are you doing today? Hope all is okay! As some of you may know, I am from England, more specifically Devon and even more specifically, from Exeter! Now for starters, if any of you also live here, please let me know, I’d love to find some other Exeter bloggers!!

The reason I’m talking about where I reside, is because I wanted to do a post about making the most of where you live. This was spurred on by a recent visit to the ballet CoppĂ©lia. I saw that they had tickets for sale at the Corn Exchange in Exeter and bought some! My visit made me think, there really is a lot you can do in your own city that is worth doing.

City life

Now obviously this post mainly applies to other people living in cities. If you live in the countryside (I wish I did!), then the things I’m going to discuss are not going to be as easily available to you. From having lived in various countryside locations, I do understand what it is like. However, while not quite the same, there are still things you can enjoy from where you live.

A lot of people relocate to the city for work, as I did. At first, if you’re not used to this, then it can take some getting used to! I think I can adapt quite easily, and at the moment, I do just prefer the convenience of the city. I’ve come to realise, as I will further explain, that it can be really great if you make the most of it. You may think that if you live in a small town or city, that there won’t be much going on that appeals to you. It is easy to think like that until you actually try stuff out though. If you are into ballet, they often have tours that go round the smaller cities and towns. It makes a really nice memorable evening! There are also live theatre screenings on at the cinemas if you have one locally. I’ve been to a few of the opera ones, and they are really good, I would definitely recommend.

Aside from theatre and ballet… it is good to check out local restaurants and cafes. My favourite thing to do on my day off is to go out for a coffee (chai latte to be precise). If you can find a nice cosy coffee shop nearby then you’re sorted really! End of post. No really, it is worth trying some out, or reading restaurant reviews to find some tasty places to visit.


If you’re more of an outdoors-y type, then the idea of sitting in for a coffee or trying the local theatres might not appeal to you. there are other ways to enjoy where you live! Locally, I am lucky to have some really beautiful walks. My parents live near to the sea, so there are some stunning coastal paths to discover not far away. You might not live near the sea, or the country, but I bet there is at least one leafy park around somewhere! Often in Exeter, I like to have a walk or run through one of my local parks. As much as I love an evening in, I find it really beneficial when I actually decide to have a walk around in the evening. Its a nice way to see another side of your town or city when it’s not so busy.


Something else I wanted to point out is that there are usually a lot of activities and clubs to try. I’ve always loved musical theatre, and other than my little ‘Alice in Wonderland’ performance when I was about 9, there haven’t been many opportunities to get into it. One day I decided to type in, Exeter Musicals. I then discovered that Exeter has a musicals society! How amazing! I plucked up the courage to do my audition and was so glad I did. I decided in the end that it would be too much of a strain on my time, but super fun!

There are all sorts of things you can look into. I don’t know what you’re into, or what your hood has to offer, but definitely do some research. If your thing is, I don’t know, looking at the way rocks are formed (!?) and you can’t find a club, why not set one up? It’s really nice to be able to connect with people locally that have the same interests.

That brings me to the end of my post. As much as travelling is amazing, staying at home and discovering your local area is too! I’m really starting to realise that for Exeter, and I hope you can too 🙂

Now, I’d like you to reply with something you love about your town or city. Go!

Jessica x

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  • Charlotte

    I love Exeter! I grew up in Cornwall, so we always used to come up to Exeter on the train for shopping trips as there are no shops in Cornwall. It is fully of cosy little coffee shops!

    Char | charlotterick.com x

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