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Darla, (a GORGEOUS clothing brand!) (gifted)


How are you on this rather dreary day? It’s certainly not the summer we had last year but oh well! (We British really do always have to talk about the weather… guilty). Anyway, the lack of summer is not what I am here to discuss… What I am talking about today is a lovely clothing brand called Darla. Now let’s get this out of the way from the start, I contacted the brand and they said they would send me out an item for free if I were to do a review. I wouldn’t have sent them a message if I didn’t like their items, so that’s hopefully enough to show you that this post will not be biased! I’m excited to share with you my thoughts on what they sent.

There, we got the disclaimer out of the way! Now onto the fun stuff…

British Designer Darla - Review, Jessica Cantell

The Brand

So as mentioned above, I contacted Darla asking if they would like to work together and was SO thrilled when they said yes! What I love about the designer Amy’s designs is that they are gorgeously stylish while maintaining that free and elegant simplicity. On their website they say that they support ethical and sustainable practices which is so important. It makes me love them even more! Darla is a British label and each of the items are handmade and finished to an absolutely perfect standard (more about that in a mo). Amy just puts so much care into each of the pieces which is amazing!

Jessica Cantell - Darla Smock Dress Review

Becca Smock Dress

The item I received was a ‘Becca Smock Dress’. It was one of my favourites that I picked from their site. It features a super cute, almost retro, floral pattern with a tiered hem. The sleeves are mid length and are really pretty. The thing that I noticed first when I went to try on the dress, was just how well it was made. The quality of this is far superior to any of my other clothing items. It just feels so nice when you put it on, I am so pleased with it. (My other clothes need to up their game!). Initially when I looked at the dress on the site, I thought it might be a little on the short side… It was actually the perfect length, just above the knee which I really like. I was so excited when it arrived that as soon as I got home from work, I put it on and wore it to my friend’s that evening and I had so many lovely comments!

It is priced at £68 and this is the link if you are interested: Becca Tiered Smock Dress

Darla review - Jessica Cantell Fashion Blogger

Darla Collection

Darla have some other really pretty dresses in their range. One of my favourites is their Luna Gingham Smock Dress. It is so cute and ahh just gorgeous! It’s a beautiful soft pink gingham and looks so individual, as with all of their other garments. Another one that caught my eye was the Ally Babydoll Dress. This is a summery blue shade with mid length sleeves and a subtle fresh blue stripe. I would love to have a wardrobe FULL of these dresses. I wish Amy could just design all my clothes for me!

Darla review - Becca Smock Dress - Jessica Cantell

I’m so excited to see how Darla will grow and develop. They’ve started out on the right foot with getting quality fabrics and designs. The fact they are promoting sustainability is super awesome too. The designs are so elegant and feminine, the exact sort of style I love. What is really nice is that each item has it’s own unique feature/quirk. For example, the lovely Becca dress that I got to try has a tie at the back of it (as you can see two photos up!). They’re all so individual and

What do you think of my dress from Darla? Do you think it looks nice? 🙂 Let me know if you’ve got any favourites on their site! Now I must go, I could talk about this lovely brand for hours but feel I should leave you to explore their site for yourself.

Bye for now,

Jessica x

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