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Hello, how are you? 🙂

I do hope you’re enjoying the start to autumn as much as me! Did you see my last post with my autumnal fashion picks? Well today I have another autumn fashion post, this is a review of/introduction to the clothing brand Lighthouse! You may have heard of them before, their designs are practical yet very stylish, which is the perfect combo! In their own words, they say they “create well crafted clothing for daily life, everyday adventures and for those who find joy in beautiful places, whatever the weather”. How lovely! I’m finding more and more as I grow older, (warning, old lady comment coming), that I prefer clothing that actually has a purpose, as well as just looking pretty. I don’t think it has to be one or the other! That’s what drew me to this brand.

Lighthouse contacted me asking if I wanted to collaborate (hence the (gifted) part), and naturally I jumped at the opportunity. When looking through their range, I obviously wanted them to just send me everything, but that would be a bit greedy..! So I picked my top 3 favourites. You’ll see them featured in this post, along with a little bit of why I love them.

Here we go!

Anna Dress (Washed Denim) – £39.95

Jessica Cantell - Lighthouse Washed Denim Dress

The first item I want to share with you is this adorable denim tunic dress. I’ve actually been looking for a long sleeved denim dress for a while and have been disappointed, either with the cut or the price(!). What I love about Lighthouse’s denim dress is that it’s a nice length, not too short, and it has 3/4 length sleeves, which are perfect for autumn temperatures. It’s very comfortable as well, I actually wore this to the cinema last night and loved it! The material is 100% cotton, so it’s a lot softer than rigid denim fabrics.

Its priced at £39.95 which is very reasonable. For a good quality dress like this, I would not be surprised if many places charged a lot more. That’s something I really like about the brand across the board, I’ve noticed they are extremely good value for money and really well made items.

Back to the dress…! It is ideal for this season, and could suit so many different styled looks. So far since I’ve owned it, I have paired it with some black tights, a gorgeous scarf from Lighthouse (will talk about that later), and a neutral full length cardi. If the weather was slightly warmer, you could lose the tights and cardi and match it with some nice loafers. What’s more, a denim dress practically goes with anything, just to make things even simpler!

Another feature that I really like is that it has pockets. YES! I don’t care how many times I say it, they never seem to put enough pockets in women’s clothing! So this is a real bonus for me. Why can’t women have the luxury of a pocket as well!?

P.s. I have to mention the little embroidered bee… Ahhh!

Merino Wool Scarf – £39.95

Lighthouse - Jessica Cantell Merino Wool Scarf

Now this one is a real favourite of mine. I’m so in love with the colours on this beautiful scarf! It is woven from 100% merino wool which is a gorgeous wool, very fine and soft… Not itchy at all if you were wondering! Lighthouse are based in Ireland (did I mention that yet?) anyway, this scarf was therefore made there! ???????? – fun fact!

It makes such a difference in your wardrobe to add real quality accessories like this. I felt so happy when I wore this the other day and kept looking down at it, seeing the the lovely design. They do have some other styles of this scarf too if the ‘Sunrise Night Sky’ style isn’t your thing, so there is a lot of choice! I chose this colour/pattern though, as mustard yellow is really in at the moment. You’ve probably seen it around a lot too. I actually want to decorate my room in the colours of this scarf!

So yes, summing up I think it has reached that point in the year when you need that extra warm layer, especially in the crisp mornings. That’s why this is a fantastic choice and one I would certainly recommend.

Short Bowline Jacket – £49.95

Short Bowline Jacket - Lighthouse review by Jessica Cantell

Lighthouse have the most amazing range of coats! There is literally something for anyone, whatever your taste. I opted for this short raincoat which is both wind and rain proof and is an interesting waxy material (technically called polyester soft rubberised fabric for those more intelligent people reading!). The best thing about this is that it has a hood. I’m not being silly here, I don’t think any of my other coats have a hood… except for maybe one, but that one isn’t even waterproof! This has everything you could need in a coat. It also has two little pockets to the front, a drawstring on the hood and a very pretty blue striped lining.

What more can I say! I love it. I’m actually hoping for a very wet and windy day so that I can use this to it’s full potential… Sorry everyone!! Just one more thing while I’m at it, something else that is good with this coat, is the fact that it is quite lightweight. So for the autumn when it is not quite full blown coat season, this works well. You could always add a jumper underneath if you’re feeling that bit chilly, but at least when the weather does get a bit damp, you can stay dry both inside and out(!).

One more thing to add with this, I showed the clothes I received from Lighthouse to my mum to see what she thought, and she said she loves the coat, and is actually going to order one herself! Now if that isn’t enough to tempt you, then I don’t know what will!

Lighthouse Clothing Review, Jessica Cantell Fashion Blog

I think that’s everything I wanted to say… As you can see by my excited tone, I really do love this brand. Sorry for getting over-excited. Oops. I do suggest having a browse through their full range, I’ve got the link here if you’re interested:

Let me know what you think, have you heard of Lighthouse before? If not, then do you think there is anything that takes your fancy from this post??! Please remember everything I have said is my honest feedback, I don’t like to agree to work with a brand if I don’t like their style/products. What would be the point! So don’t fret, I really do like the brand and am very happy with my picks.

That’s all folks, until next time!

Jessica x

P.s. If you’re interested in getting in touch then don’t forget to head over to my Contact page!

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