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Peck and Plum – AD

Hey there,

Been a little while since my last post, this month has turned out to be pretty busy! It’s already mid/end of October!! Crazy stuff. I always feel like when Strictly Come Dancing starts, then that is the beginning of the end of the year. Anyone else?! Today I’m going to share with you a brand that I discovered recently through Instagram. They are called Peck and Plum and mainly sell a mixture of jewellery and home wear items. ( I wanted to reach out to them to see if they’d be interested in collaborating, as I LOVE their stuff… and they said yes! Hooray! So I am doing a post in honour of that to show you some of their gorgeous products. Please note, this post does contain gifted items, but I am being 100% honest with my review – I was the one that contacted them after all! So lets begin…

Birman Cat - Jessica Cantell

About them:

Before I start to talk about their range of products, I just want to give you some background info first! Peck and Plum are a really stylish and modern brand from the UK (Yay!). I really like to support British businesses! The lovely owner, Ayla produces each piece by hand, so you can expect real quality products. I hadn’t actually heard of it before, but they use a composite called Jesmonite. In the words of Peck and Plum, “composed of Acrylic resin and Gypsum, Jesmonite has the adaptability and capability of replicating the appearance and texture of any surface”. That’s pretty cool, right!? They actually have a marble range going at the moment, which is great because it’s really in at the moment, and will look super stylish on you or in your home. The best thing about Jesmonite is that it is eco-friendly. This is something so important to me. If a brand is making an effort to be kinder to the planet, then I back them all the way!

As with the nature of handmade products, no two are the same. I love the idea that no one else has the exact identical one that I have! It helps to make each piece unique. I’m so excited to see what else this lovely brand comes out with in the future. Until then, have a peek at what you can get your hands on now.


Jewellery gets me, every time! I love buying new necklaces, rings, bracelets… the lot. So I think that’s why I was so drawn to Peck and Plum. When I was younger, I used to just buy whatever I thought looked pretty. These days, I still do that but with a little more class (I hope so anyway!). I like to look out for quality pieces that are not going to draw attention away from my outfit, but really enhance it. I feel like the range from this brand is really different and edgy in a good way. These are not just bog standard fashionable necklaces you can get anywhere, these are Peck and Plum necklaces (queue M&S music…). No really, aside from the joking, I love these, and they’re the sort of things I would look out for when buying jewellery.

These are two styles I’ve picked out and two that I was sent from the brand, I’ll explain them each:

Yinxun – £20

Peck and Plum British handmade Jewellery

Isn’t this so pretty!?

This is the Yinxun necklace, and it’s probably my favourite one from their site. I love the fact it is a square pendant, it gives a bit of a unique feel… something different from the usual. The shape looks so modern and goes well with the styling of the marble effect.

You can tell Peck and Plum are all about the quality – Look carefully and you’ll notice that the chain has three different fastenings so that you can decide which length works best for you. To go the extra mile and make it even more special, it is a 14 carat gold plated chain! The pendant itself also has 24 carat gold leafing and Indian ink (Which gives the marble effect). With it coming up to Christmas, this could be a really lovely gift for someone. I would certainly be very happy with anyone that bought me this..! I think £20 is a good price for it too, and it puts them in line with high street retailers… What you’re getting with these necklaces though is the individuality and uniqueness that a mass produced item could never have.

Astoria – £20

Peck and Plum Jewellery - Jessica Cantell

Next up we have the Astoria necklace. As you can see from my photo, this is a spherical pendant! That’s what I love most about their designs, is that they really are so different and quirky.

The Astoria design actually comes with either a 925 sterling silver chain (as pictured) or a 14 carat gold plated chain, like the Yinxun design above. This is very important if you’re into your colour tones and what matches your skin… Very briefly, if you have an olive skin tone, generally you will look good with gold jewellery. If you are more like me and have a colder and more pinkish tone, then you will normally suit silver. I was told (I think incorrectly!), by my makeup tutor, that I suited gold jewellery, I’m not sure what she was going with there, but nevermind! So personally, I don’t really know what looks best with my skin tone, so I just buy either! It’s so nice that you can have the choice with this.

I know this isn’t really something a fashion blogger should normally pick up on, but I also really like the fact this is a good stress distraction to twist round and round in your fingers! (…Sorry about that little interlude!)

Jessica Cantell Peck and Plum jewellery Review

What else..?

Another lovely thing about the brand is that they don’t just do necklaces. They also have other jewellery items to match these designs – Unfortunately I couldn’t try them as I don’t have my ears pierced! But I’m guessing you do, so worth checking those out on their site.

Peck and Plum were lovely enough to give me a discount code! So if you are interested in having a browse, don’t forget to use JESSICA10 at the checkout in order to get 10% off your order.

Aside from jewellery, there is a fabulous range of home wear items. I really love their marble effect coasters and little pots too! They would make ideal candle holders, or herb pots… Again, more ideas for Christmas presents (you can thank me later).

I have so enjoyed writing this post and sharing this delightful brand with you. I’ve found Ayla the owner to be so lovely to work with, and that really says a lot about a brand! I really do look forward to seeing what they bring out in the future and following their success as they continue to grow.

Which of the necklaces is your favourite? Or do you have a different favourite from their site?

Thank you for stopping by!
Until next time, J x

P.s. I signed off as J, because I’ve just gotten into Pretty Little Liars, and I thought it would be fitting!

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