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Loungewear Must-Haves for Lockdown! Ft. Femme Luxe – AD

Hey all!

How are you doing today? Hopefully less up and down than the weather is at the moment! Fortunately while I’m writing this the sun is shining ☀️ it’s a lovely May day. Am I a bit keen in saying it feels like summer has begun?

Since the lockdown (and basically all the time anyway – who am I kidding?) I have been having lots of ’cosy nights in’, and it’s been amazing! They honestly are my favourite way to spend the evening, snuggled up enjoying Netflix. This leads me on to what this post is about. I was so excited to have an email from the clothing brand Femme Luxe saying they would like to work together. I had a quick browse of their stuff and straight away said yes please! They have a fabulous loungewear selection and I couldn’t wait for the items to arrive and start on this post. I wanted to select items that would be acceptable to wear during the day to lounge about the house in, as I’m not currently working and so don’t want to wear uncomfortable office-y clothes. I was pleased to see that Femme Luxe’s range is stylish whilst being comfortable – Yay ????.

So let me stop waffling and show you what they sent!

‘Stay Home’ T-Shirt

Femme Luxe 'Stay Home' T-Shirt Loungewear

This is so perfect for the current situation! – What more important words than, ‘Stay Home’? This t-shirt instantly caught my eye because even when we don’t have to stay home anymore, I kind of still want to sometimes! T-shirts are fantastic for loungewear, either to layer up or to wear on their own as we approach hotter weather (she says hopefully). This one is nice as well because it’s not too short. I can’t stand it when t-shirts aren’t quite long enough, it just feels cold and drafty…

Femme Luxe have lots of other slogan t-shirts and other styles. You can browse the full range here: T-Shirt Collection. Some of their other t-shirts include, ‘there’s no place like home’, ‘Ooh La La’ and ‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind’ – How cute. This is also something you could wear for casual day to day clothing as well,  I have a collection of my favourite tee’s and this one is the newest addition!

Cuffed Joggers in Camel

Cuffed Joggers Femme Luxe Loungewear

Next up we have some joggers. I certainly can never have enough of these for relaxing in after work. As soon as I get through the front door, off come the smart uncomfortable work clothes, and on go the joggers!  The ones I received were these cuffed camel coloured ones which feature an elasticated and drawstring waist and most importantly, they are super comfortable! I had actually wanted to order some pink ones, but they were even more popular and so the camel colour was another lovely option. They have a huge range of different shades to suit your taste. Here is the link if you are interested: Joggers Collection.

Again, these would be something you could wear outside too for a casual look. As you can see from the photos, I have actually paired them with the t-shirt I mentioned above. They look great together! You could also use them for sports – I usually go out jogging with a friend (when it’s not the lockdown) and so I think these will be making an appearance when I start again…

Oversized Loungewear Set in Navy

Oversized loungewear set Femme Luxe

The final item I ordered was this gorgeous loungewear set in navy. It’s called ‘oversized’ which is something I like when relaxing. I don’t enjoy having overly tight clothing on when lounging about! This is a plush and cosy set which is quite thick with a fleece lining… Again, something I always look for with pjs. I don’t know about you, but I get so cold in the evenings, even in the summer, so I love thick loungewear! Some of you may be thinking you can’t stand the heat at night – Don’t worry though. They literally have something to suit everyone. I’ve got a link to their loungewear sets here if you want a browse: Loungewear Sets.

They have all sorts, including cooler sets, lots of different colours and some very fancy items… I noticed some tulle featured on there! For me though, this was my favourite set, it’s just the sort of loungewear I would usually buy. Comfy, simple and cosy. Perfect.

As with either of the other two items, you could definitely wear this outside of your living room. You could take this out jogging in the winter or mix and match the top/bottom for an athleisure look and you’ll look fabulous.

Oversized Loungewear Set Femme Luxe Review Jessica Cantell

Other Items

So that’s it for the loungewear items they sent me. I’m so happy with them and they will do me well for all the nights in I’m having!

Just to finish off, I wanted to point out some of the other features of Femme Luxe. They have regular clothing as well, ranging from shoes to bikinis, dresses and so on. They also have a ‘Trends’ section which I had a little browse of. I always find this kind of thing so helpful for style ideas, often I lack inspiration when trying to work out what goes well together so this is great.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little post. Have you heard of Femme Luxe or used them before yourself? Also comment below which item was your favourite from this post!

Have a lovely week and speak again soon.
Love Jessica x

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