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Etsy Digital Prints – Introducing Grafico Design!

Hey everyone,

I hope you’ve had a good weekend. It’s now June and hotter than ever! I’m finding it very enjoyable but also frustrating as it means I spend less time on my blog and also less time on another thing I want to talk about today… I don’t know why I’ve not posted about it before, but I thought I’d introduce my little Etsy shop! It’s called Grafico Design, and I sell digital prints!

Audrey Hepburn digital art print

How did it start?

First of all I want to tell you about how it started and how I decided to start an Etsy business. I don’t have a hugely exciting story, but it’s always good to start at the beginning!
It was this year in January, and I had just received my first graphic tablet for Christmas, it was (is) a Wacom One I think. I absolutely loved having a play around with it and learning new skills! It lead me on to start trying to do calligraphy lettering and I tried out writing various quotes or Bible verses.
Initially I had considered sending off my designs to a print shop to get various posters made up, it was then that I had first thought of Etsy and decided it would be really fun to try and sell them! Excited as I was, I realise now that I was a bit naive…  how could I afford the amount I needed to start my shop!? It was actually my Mum who suggested selling digital prints, as it would be easier for me starting out not to have too many outgoings. So that’s where I got the idea from! I’ve been doing them ever since…!

Here Comes the Sun digital print

What kind of prints do you sell?

As mentioned above, I started off by selling some of the quotes I had designed. These ranged from simple phrases like, ‘Good Morning’ to well known quotes from famous people. I mainly try to think of what will be most popular, and what would be the kind of thing I would like to buy in a shop.
I’ve since been designing various minimalistic artwork pieces too, some of my bestsellers are line drawings of people like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. It’s such a fun way for me to use my passion for art! I’m always on the lookout for suggestions too…

To sum up my stock, I would say I mainly sell minimalistic, modern prints.

Bible verse digital print

How do you decide what to create?

When making a new print design, I use a few different sources of inspiration. Often I’ll take a look at Pinterest for ideas of what might be popular, or I’ll see what is trending in Etsy searches at the moment. When I’m feeling really inspired, I might just design whatever I feel like! For example, I recently did a cow parsley line drawing because I’ve seen a lot of it on my dog walks, and it’s so pretty. Flowers do motivate me to draw, and they’re generally very popular too!

So if you wanted to have a browse through my Etsy digital prints then here is the link:

Grafico Design Etsy Store

I guess that’s all! I’m so excited to be able to share my Etsy journey with you.. I hope that you enjoyed reading and that I can share more updates on my shop with you over time.
As mentioned before, I’m always keen for suggestions for prints, so let me know in the comments if you have any ideas!

Thanks for reading and stopping by, have a lovely week.

Jessica X

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