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Autumn Style Ideas for the New Season!

Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing well. Today I wanted to do a good old Autumn style post as it is extremely wet and drizzly outside, so I naturally felt inspired! It’s coming to that time of the year where we all want to cosy down and wear our snuggly jumpers, so I thought I’d gather together some items that have caught my eye for the new(ish) season.

Before I start I just want to apologise for not using my own photos in this post, I’ve been away on holiday for a week so haven’t had a chance! Anyway, lets begin!


Autumn style is all about a soft and cuddly jumper. I think it’s fair to say that I have far too many! Despite this harsh reality, I am always ready for more… My wardrobe is rapidly running out of room, oops. Anyway, everyone loves a good jumper, so I’ve included some of my favourites after doing a bit of online window shopping. There are some really lovely styles out there at the moment as well as the traditional shape so have a look and see what works for you.

H&M Polo-Neck Jumper in Green – £24.99Autumn Style ideas, jumper from H&M

Firstly I wanted to bring this gorgeous jumper to your attention. There are so many things I love about this one. The colour for starters is very on trend and can really liven up a neutral wardrobe in a subtle and sophisticated way. The shade also suits lots of different hair colours and skin tones. For example, I’ve got fair skin and light brown/strawberry blonde hair, so quite a few colours can either wash me out or just clash with my reddish skin undertones. This is slightly muted and so I find it suits me more than a lot of brighter, brassy shades.

Another thing I love about this one is the shape. The oversized body of the jumper is sooo flattering as it doesn’t cling to areas you might want it to avoid. It’s also got a snuggly roll-neck which is much needed as the colder weather comes in and will keep you nice and toasty. This would look great with a chunky belt and culottes or wide leg trousers (as they seem to be making an appearance this season).

Lastly, this is from H&M which is one of my go to stores for Autumn basics, they have a fantastic range of jumpers and other knitwear, plus they have free delivery for members, so I definitely recommend checking out their new additions!

M&S Button Front Cardigan in Black – £22.50

I’ve been on the hunt for a chunky button front cardi for a while now, and this one is a fantastic price at just £22.50 from M&S. It comes in a range of different colours including a natural cream colour and a stunning light blue shade. The material looks super cosy and cuddly! I love the large tortoiseshell style buttons, they kind of take it from a simple regular cardigan to a stand alone piece and give it a bit of an edge.

I’m undecided whether I prefer this crew neck style or if I like a regular v neck, but I think this is definitely on my wanted list for this season (and will likely be added to my ever cramped wardrobe!)



I don’t know about you, but I love having a good range of coats for the Autumn/Winter season. I should probably invest in some more waterproof ones as most of mine tend to be more fashion coats rather than actually stormproof! (Except for my gorgeous coat gifted from Lighthouse!) Here are a couple of jackets that I thought you might like to see…

Topshop Manhattan Belted Coat – £79.00

I am absolutely in love with this coat! Everything about it is so perfect. It is the exact shape and style I always go for in a jacket as I feel it’s just so super stylish and classy.

This would be fabulous for wearing out and about at work with a smart/casual style outfit, and this is probably how I would wear it. You could also match it though with some really casual trainers and jeans for a more trendy vibe (I’m not usually very adventurous you see).

Zara Lapel Collar Coat – £29.99

Can you actually believe that this jacket is only £29.99!? I certainly can’t. When I was browsing I actually had to check I’d read it correctly, and even now I’m not sure! Zara have a wonderful range of coats, from elegant styles like this to more practical puffer jackets. It’s really worth a look. Their price range is very varied too meaning there is something out there for all budgets.

I fell in love with the sleek and minimalistic design of this one and the subtle cream/stone shade. The shape of the coat is extremely flattering and gives a sort of triangular illusion which is very attractive in my opinion. Going back to the colour of the coat, the additional benefit for me is that this shade doesn’t show up my cat’s hairs! This is a genuine problem I have with all of my clothes… It’s a constant battle making sure I am fur free! Does anyone else have this problem?

This looks great paired with so many different outfits as it is so simplistic and won’t cause any awkward clash problems. I have a similar coat but with a pinky undertone and sometimes that doesn’t look quite so good with every outfit!


It’s important to have some good shoes that you can rely on for this season. With the wetter and colder weather coming you need to make sure your feet don’t freeze and make you feel rubbish all day! At the same time, you want to look great while feeling cosy, so here is my solution to the problem…!

Pull & Bear White Ankle Boots – £39.99

Okay, I’ll be completely honest and say that these are not something I would usually go for. But look how cute they are! Honestly I love them and I am tempted to buy them right now. They’re from Pull & Bear which is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands, I really love their style.

These boots look guaranteed to keep your ankles toasty (as you can see, this is an important factor for me). The white colour keeps them looking individual and bold while still retaining some class.

Outfit-wise, I can see me wearing these with some skinny black jeans and the coat above… How nice would that look. I’m definitely convincing myself to make a purchase after writing this post!

Autumnal Style Winter BootsClarks Animal Print Boots – £89.99

Clarks are without a doubt my favourite shop for shoes. I always buy my work heels from them as they are the most comfortable for standing around in all day. The best is when they have a sale on because they tend to have amazing reductions, so it’s always good to keep an eye on them!

I wanted to include an animal print boot, as these have been something I’ve wanted for a little while. Ideally I was searching for a snake print boot, but this Dalmatian style attracted me. They’re a fabulous statement boot with a small block heel which is really practical but also stylish at the same time!

One thing I would like to point out is that these are leather. Now, some of you may know that I have been switching over to cruelty free and vegetarian food, so you could call me a bit of a hypocrite for sharing these. I want to be completely honest and say that I still do wear my leather shoes… so perhaps I’m a bit of a flexitarian in some ways. I’d like to eliminate these entirely one day, but for now I haven’t yet made that switch over. I just wanted to point that out so that I’m being transparent if you were wondering!

So there are all of my Autumn style choices! Apologies I think the post was a little lengthy in the end, but that’s because I had so much to share! I could write on here all day with my online wish list but I think I’ll stop there. What was your favourite item from the post? I really loved those Pull & Bear ankle boots!

Thank you so much for joining me. I hope to see you again soon!

Jessica x

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