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Estrid Razor Review – Vegan Shaving Subscription – AD

Hey there! Today I’m going to jump straight in and get started with this post… No rambling, (honest). Recently, I was lucky enough to be gifted a razor by the brand Estrid. Now, you’ve probably seen them all over Instagram right? Well, I’m going to be sharing my honest thoughts and tell you if they’re worth the hype…

What is Estrid?

For those of you who haven’t seen this trendy new shaving brand everywhere, I will explain. Estrid are an eco-friendly vegan razor company that offer a subscription service for shaving, this means you can choose how often you receive your blades depending on how often you shave (and we all know that’s only really on special occasions during the winter right?). You can choose between once a month, or every two or three months. To get started, Estrid will firstly send you out a ‘Starter Kit’. This includes the razor in your chosen colour (a pretty important part), two blades, and a wall holder. All of this costs just £7.95, which isn’t bad at all! From then on, you pay £9.95 for your blade replacements (you get four blades/cartridges for that price).

Now I don’t know about you, but I am completely new to shaving subscriptions. In fact, I’m probably as basic as you get with my razors… I normally just buy whatever multipack brand is on offer and stick with the same blade for months, which is terrible I know. So, Estrid is my first plunge into this new exciting world, and what do I really think of it?

Estrid Subscription Razor Review

My Opinion…

…I absolutely love it! Genuinely, I was so excited using it for the first time. It’s such a smooth action and makes the whole experience more pleasant. The soothing strips mean that the blade literally just glides across your skin and leaves it feeling really soft and silky. (Is that even the right word? I don’t even care, lets roll with it). I actually look forward to using it! Estrid had asked when they sent out my razor which colour I would like to use. I wasn’t sure, so they gave me the option to have a surprise, which was very exciting. (In actual reality I guess they just send you the colour nobody wants… At least I hope not anyway!) The colour they sent me in the end was called Lemonade which is yes, yellow. They also have Blush, Peach etc. which are also really nice shades.

One thing I’ve had a little battle with is the shower holder. The first time I stuck it to the wall it came crashing down minutes later! I think therefore it’s best if you keep it fairly low and next to a surface so that if it does fall off it won’t fall far. Also I’ve found it helps if you add a little water to the seal before sticking it on. It’s not a big deal anyway, it’s just really an accessory.

The actual razor has a really heavy weight steel handle which feels really good quality and robust. Also it is cruelty free and vegan, which seems strange to say about a razor, but apparently sometimes the gel in the strips contains animal substances, so that’s great this one doesn’t (see my cruelty free blog post here).

How does it Compare?

Now as I’ve said before, I’m completely new to subscription shaving. I’m even new to fancy razors full stop, so it’s difficult for me to give a personal opinion for how Estrid compares with other brands. One of the other subscriptions I’ve looked at is the Dollar Shave Club as I’ve seen various adverts saying they can give you your first box for £5. I’d really like to give them a go, do any of you have any experience with them? Obviously Estrid focuses more on the actual razor itself, but Dollar Shave Club seem to give you some products within the kit which looks good.

I find that I’m always using post shave balms or calming creams, especially on my underarms to avoid razor burn or ingrown hairs. It’s such a pain! So I thought I’d like to give them a try as they seem to have the prep scrubs, post shave dews etc.

The other big brand at the moment is FFS (otherwise known as Friction Free Shaving I think?). I’ve had a little look into their subscription service which seems to be around £9 for your first box. They offer a really good looking razor with the same kind of goodies as Estrid in their package (multiple razor heads, shower holder etc). They give you the option to add other creams and things to your recurring order which you can do with Estrid, but there seem to be more options on their page for things you can try.

If you’ve got any suggestions for other brands then feel free to comment below!


To Conclude

So yes, as you can see from this post, I’ve been really impressed with my Estrid razor. I’ll definitely look more into subscription shave packages now and sign up to either Estrid or one of the others mentioned above. I feel like it actually encourages you to shave and to replace your blades regularly rather than just keep on using the same old blunt ones!

If you have any questions that I might be able to help with, then fire away! I’d love to get back to you. You can catch me on social media, my handle is @jessicacantell.

Until next time,
Jessica x

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