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FFS – The Best Subscription Shaving Kit?! – AD

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re well and enjoying the sunshine (when it chooses to show)! The summer tends to be a time when we peel off the layers and step into our dresses and shorts. This calls for a good shaving routine! Bringing me nicely into my topic for today. I was very kindly approached by FFS (formerly Friction Free Shaving), and asked if I would like to work together in exchange to try their women’s razor kit. You may have seen that earlier this year I did another collaboration with Estrid, so I thought this would be a great idea to compare the two brands and to try out FFS! I’ve heard so much about them and I’m sure you have too. As always, I will be completely honest about my feelings towards them regardless of being gifted the product. So let’s begin!

About FFS

As mentioned above, FFS used to be Friction Free Shaving, and they’ve been so popular all across Instagram, YouTube etc. as a subscription razor service. Like Estrid, you pay a monthly fee to receive new fresh razor blades, and you can even decide on the frequency depending on how often you shave. I think the options are every month, or every 2 months, so that’s great you can choose! They offer a lot of flexibility in your plan too so you can change depending on the season, new shaving habits… whatever really!

One of the things I love most is that FFS are so conscious about the environment. Just from having a quick look at their page you can see the many ways they’ve considered this with their products. They actually have a whole section on sustainability if you’re interested. To be honest, even the idea of having a reusable handle alone is a great start if you’re trying to stop using single use items. Instead of disposable razors, reusable handles with replaceable blades help, even if just a little, in reducing the amount we throw away. FFS also use 100% recyclable sugar cane tubes and have explained how you can recycle your old blades, so this is all a massive tick in the right box!

First Impressions

As you’ll see if you look on their site, there are a few options for the blade colour and style. I went for the Rose handle with engraving. Exciting! I simply asked for my name, Jessica (not particularly imaginative, but nevermind). Can we just stop and appreciate how cool it is that you can have it engraved! A very nice touch.. The razor handle feels really good quality, it’s very snazzy and puts all my other razors to shame! Another thing I like is that although it’s a good sturdy handle, it’s not too bulky which can be awkward to use when shaving. The razor blades clip on really easily, and you just pop them off when you want to replace it.

The kit is letterbox friendly, which is actually fantastic. The amount of times I have to have orders delivered to work because I’m not around is crazy! So you don’t have to worry about that with FFS. In my box I received the following items which are all available on the site:

  • My engraved razor handle
  • 4 razor blades
  • Drawstring carry pouch
  • Shower holder
  • ‘Clamshell’ blade protector
  • Pre-Shave Exfoliant
  • Shaving Cream
  • Post-Shave Balm

I think you get the handle, the 4 razor blades and the shower holder with the £9.95 kit option, and you can opt to order the exfoliant, the shaving cream and the post-shave balm etc to add to your order. The products are cruelty free which is a must-have for me. (Read my cruelty free post). To top it off, you even get a 12 month warranty on your handle if you register, where you can potentially get a v

oucher credit and a surprise gift for doing so. Amazing!

So far I’ve been so impressed with the kit and I’m really glad to have found it in time for the summer! I really would recommend it, whether you’re new to shaving subscriptions or if you’re currently subscribed to another brand, I feel like FFS’s razor kit is exceptional quality.

How to Shave Properly

Now, if you have a look on FFS’s website, you’ll see they have a blog section. This is really great for advice on shaving and tips for a perfect shave. I came across one article called, The Importance of Shave Prep which is act

ually a very good read. If you’re like I was, you might think that shave prep is a waste of time. I’ve realised since that this is most likely the cause of your shaving nightmares! Failing to prepare is preparing to fail and all that… but no, really you should definitely prep!

This is where the exfoliants and creams come in handy. The Pre-Shave Exfoliant that I mentioned before is great to use before you even start shaving, as it gently brushes away the dead skin cells and rubbish on the surface of your skin, helping you to get a smoother and closer shave. Apparently it helps with ingrown hairs too which we all hate.

Next up, they suggest you use the Shaving Cream while you are shaving. This helps to enable the razor to glide across your skin effortlessly! Not only this, but it softens the hairs as well pre-shaving, so you’re not working against super prickly stubble. This can cause irritation and you end up with a shaving rash or cuts. The shave cream also has moisturising qualities including shea butter and coconut oil, making sure that moisture stays in.

Lastly they highlight the Post-Shave Balm. I’ve known for a while now how very important post-shaving creams/balms are! I don’t know why or how I used to not use them. Especially for sensitive areas like the underarms, I’ve found a post-shaving balm helps to reduce shaving rash or ingrown hairs. FFS’s balm is enriched with almond oil and cocoa butter, which they’ve said helps to repair the skin and reduce inflammation.


Will I continue to use FFS? Yes, I actually think I will. I love the flexibility with the plans, the extras you can order and the fact you can have it delivered through the letterbox. In the past I’ve never really been into premium shaving, but FFS offers an easy and inexpensive way to up your shaving game. I also just love their ethos and the steps they’re making for the environment, this is so vital in our current world.

Shaving subscriptions seem like the new way forwards, we’re all doing subscription boxes, so why not for shaving too! The best thing about them is that it ensures you actually change your old blades. I’m so bad at using a razor longer than I should, but with a good-value subscription, it means you don’t need to hang onto your old blades and you can change them regularly.

Thank you to FFS for saving my skin in time for summer! I’m sure I’ll feel much more confident now knowing I’ve got a good kit and routine behind me.

For more information, check out their website: https://www.ffs.co.uk/

Thank you for joining me today, have a lovely rest of the week!

Jessica x

P.s. The box also comes in handy for a cat bed… According to Polly anyway!

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  • Mind Beauty Simplicity

    first off – i’m a sucker for cute packaging & this shaving kit just screams aesthetic! these subscription boxes do seem like the new thing! a lot better than heading to the store every time you need replacements too. thanks for sharing this brand!

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